Disinfecting your PC Peripherals

As the current Covid-19 situation continues to unfold, governments, professionals, and regular citizens from all over the world are ramping up and highlighting the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, and regular disinfection. Now more than ever, keeping safe and healthy is important – and one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is how we clean our gadgets.

EasyPC for Essential Businesses

Just like EasyPC, we know the grind doesn’t stop for Essential Businesses, so we’re here to help keep your companies running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need to upgrade the technologies in your office or you’re shifting to a Work from Home model and you need the necessary tools to make it work, EasyPC will be happy to help.

EasyPC is Serving you Online!

EasyPC is happy to announce that we are now accepting orders online so we can continue to serve our valued customers during the Enhanced Community Quarantine period.

Tech Checklist: Work From Home Essentials

With many businesses shifting to Work From Home operations at this time, the importance of building an efficient and productive home office space has become even more essential. In case you’re wondering about the basic equipment and technology you’ll need to create a reliable every day workspace, we’ve got you covered with this checklist