Our EasyPC Story

Let us show you Our EasyPC Story as we go beyond our first decade. Moving forward from our simple beginnings, we invite you to join us and help write the next chapter of EasyPC!

Where We Started

EasyPC is a computer retail business founded on the values of convenience, accessibility, and excellent customer service. Believe it or not, this leader in local technology retail had pretty humble beginnings – when five friends who were passionate about tech hunted down secondhand PCs in the Tipid PC online group to resell at decent rates.

EasyPC officially got its name when we opened our first store in Makati in September 2009. A play on the expression “easy-peasy”, the name was a key step in building a brand that promises reliable services and quality products. Eventually, we shifted to selling brand new products at accessible prices.

Where We’re Going

Today, as we serve you in-store and online, our dedication to growth also extends to each and every customer. We strive to provide solutions, reliable services, and affordable but quality technologies that will enhance the lives of our customers and community.

As we move to greater heights, giving you the best customer experience is still our number one goal.


To uplift Filipino lives through easy technology access.


Usher Filipinos into a future where digital and physical experience fuse together to deliver customer reach and value.
- 5 million homes with computers
- 10 thousand technology product offers
- 20 million Filipinos reached through tech content and community


- Humility that drives innovation
- Passion to pursue excellence
- Unwavering integrity
- Penchant for fun
- Sincere customer focus
- Welcoming attitude towards change
- A bias for data-driven decision making