Payment FAQs


Is there a need to sign-up to use Xendit as a payment method?

  • No need to sign up anywhere. Payments will go directly to the checkout page or the payment link.

What information is needed to provide?

  • Only the information needed by the payment channel. For example, debit card payments will need the card details.

Is there a verification step? What is the verification process?

  • Verification step will depend on the payment channel. For example, GCash will send an OTP that is needed before the payment can be processed.

Is there an additional fee to use Xendit?

  • The transaction fees are only charged for successful transactions and will be shouldered by the merchant. There are no additional fees.

Important Note

“For oders paid with credit or debit card, kindly present the card used to make the payment of your order and your valid Primary ID upon parcel delivery. Authorization letter from card holder along with the purpose of the transaction is a must, in case the card used to make payment is not under the customer’s name. Failure to do so may result to order cancellation."


What are the requirements to apply for Billease?

  • 1 valid Government ID, Prood of Income and Proof of Billing

How many months is available for a Billease transaction?

  • First time customers of Billease will have a maximum of 6 months.
  • Returning customers, will have a maximum of 12 months.

How much is the allowed Billease transaction?

  • Maximum amount is P40,000

How much interest does Billease charge per month?

  • Billease charges a minimal 3.49% monthly interest.

How many transactions is allowed with Billease?

  • Only one transaction is allowed.

Cash on Delivery

Minimum order amount requirement for COD

  • Any amount of purchase is acceptable.

How many months is available for a Billease transaction?

  • No maximum order amounts.

What is the cutoff time for same day/express delivery?

  • 3:00PM is the cutoff time for same day/express deliveries. Purchases after the cutoff time will be processed the following day.

What are the areas covered by EasyPC delivery?

  • As of the moment, the areas available are within Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan.
    • RIZAL

      San Mateo

    • CAVITE




How much is the charge for same day/express delivery?

  • Express delivery has a minimum of P200 charge. This is available upon checkout.