Our in-house exclusive warranty service

EasyFix is the only warranty service in the Philippines that offers outright same-day replacement for your computer essentials. We've partnered up with your favorite tech brands to ensure that your EASYPC experience is quick, easy, and hassle-free.



Check your item for the EasyFix Warranty sticker when you purchase from EASYPC.


If there's a sign of trouble, bring or send it to your nearest EASYPC branch for checking.


Experience our same-day outright replacement program.

How does EasyFix work?

Our vision is to create a replacement process for defective items minus the hassles and long waits. We've partnered up with your favorite brands to ensure that our customers get the best value and security for their purchases with EASYPC.

How is EasyFix different from standard warranty?

We replace your returned item outright, provided that it is covered by EasyFix and confirmed eligible for replacement upon check-up.

How long does EasyFix warranty last?

Our warranty coverage varies per item, so be sure to check the EasyFix sticker on yours to find out its duration.

Is my purchase covered by EasyFix warranty?

If you find an EasyFix sticker on your item box and the item itself, you're all set. These will tell you the period of your EasyFix warranty coverage. If you're not sure, you can also ask us on m.me/easypcph or through our experts in-store.

**Note: we can include an image of the EasyFix box and item stickers if possible


How do I file my EasyFix warranty claim?

The easiest way is to go to m.me/easypcph, or you can visit your nearest EASYPC branch. Check our list of stores here.

What should I bring when filing an EasyFix warranty claim?

Make sure you have your item and your receipt with you. The item must be in its original box complete with all accessories. It should also be presentable and show no signs of physical damage (ex. missing parts, extensive scratches, damaged wires, etc.).

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