Warranty Coverage

  1. EasyPC warrants its products contained in their original packaging against material and workmanship defects when the products are used normally for their intended purposes for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase by the original customer.
  2. EasyPC allows replacement of defective items within seven (7) days from the date of purchase of merchandise. Bring the item/s in its original packaging and your proof of purchase.
  3. EasyPC provides one (1) year warranty support on its products except for the following:
  4. Items Warranty Period
    Chairs, Table, PC Case 7 days warranty
    Keyboard 6 months
    Chassis Fan, CPU Cooler 6 months
    CCTV Camera 6 months
    Accessories, Cables, Apparel, Freebie, Gaming surface No warranty
    Software like Anti-virus, Operating System, Office No warranty
    * Please visit individual Product for specific warranty period.
  5. EasyPC does not warrants its products when there is
    • Any defect and/or damaged caused by improper use, neglect, or acts of nature (i.e. burnt, dent, cracked, missing or soldered parts, animal or insect bites, use of wrong voltage, damages caused by flood, fire, earthquakes);
    • Any modification or tampering of warranty seals;
    • Any damage or loss of functionality due to product incompatibility;
    • Any scrape or scratch, liquid leak, crack on the LCD screen surface;
    • Any dark, bright dot or partial sub-pixel defects more than 5 on monitors;
    • Any deface, alteration or any act of serial number removal;
    • Any software issues;
    • No purchase receipt of product still within the warranty period

Warranty Claims

If you purchased the product at any EasyPC retail store location or EasyPC online website (www.easypc.com.ph), please bring your original receipt and product to any EasyPC physical store near you. You can ship also your item with your preferred courier. EasyPC shoulders the shipping back of your item.

For Lazada and Shoppe buyers, we opt you to use their platform on returns.

All warranty claims are to be submitted with a fully filled-out EasyPC Return Form which is available in our website where you will also attach the copy of your sales receipt / sales invoice. A Warranty Service Form will be issued to claim warranty.

Make sure that you place the product in its original packaging or packaging that have the same amount of protection as the original packaging.

Warranty Service Form is required upon claiming of repaired or replaced warranty items.

For EASYFIX one (1) year Outright Replacement, return the item in good physical condition and in its original packaging together with complete accessories. For more info click here

To obtain warranty service, go to our website and chat with us. Our customer service agent may diagnose or correct the issue you are encountering.

Warranty Procedure

  1. Easy PC reserves the right to determine whether merchandise is defective and to replace merchandise if necessary. Depending on stock availability, it may take up to 30 days to fulfil a warranty claim.
  2. On acceptance, all faulty part is sent to the supplier for repair or replacement. This can take time if the part has been phased out or discontinued or needs a major repair from the manufacturer. EasyPC does not take any responsibility on such delays.
  3. If the item is end-of-life, in-store credits will be given to the customer instead, which can be used to purchase items of equivalent value. Customer may opt to add cash to this in-store credit to purchase items of higher value.
  4. Once we received the replacement from suppliers, EasyPC will contact the customer for claiming of warranty items either store pick-up or shipping.