Buy GeForce RTX

Creativity that’s all in. NVIDIA Studio is your creative advantage with state-of-the-art RTX GPUs featuring dedicated ray tracing, AI, and video hardware. Experience hyper-realistic graphics with advanced ray tracing and DLSS. Take concepts to completion faster with time-saving RTX and AI acceleration in top creative apps. Always stay up-to-date with NVIDIA Studio Drivers. And gain exclusive access to the Studio suite of tools that harness the power of RTX for AI-assisted creative workflows.


3D Animation

Get to Final Frames Sooner

Experience lag-free interaction and massive rendering speed boosts with RTX-accelerated ray tracing and AI-powered effects, bringing your ideas to life faster so you can make them better.


Video Editing and Motion Graphics

8K All the Way

Play back and edit ultra-high resolution video smoothly without pre-caching or generating proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve™, REDCINE-x Pro, and more. Dual eighth-gen encoders now unlock support for AV1, enabling efficient, ultrafast video exports. Plus, add effects with ease thanks to AI.



All the Effects, None of the Time

Automatically give your RAW images crisper detail, better color rendering, and fewer artifacts using the RTX-accelerated “Enhance Details” AI feature in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. You can also apply any of over 30 GPU-accelerated filters to perfect your images, such as blur and smart sharpen in Adobe Photoshop.


Graphic Design

Design in the RTX Dimension

Experience smooth and interactive panning and zooming regardless of graphic complexity in Adobe Illustrator. Plus, instantly visualize your 2D art in rich 3D with RTX GPU- accelerated rendering in Adobe Dimension.


Studio Apps and Software

Exclusive Creative Tools


NVIDIA Omniverse

Connect Your Creative Worlds

Connect your favorite apps from Autodesk, Adobe, Epic, and more to NVIDIA Omniverse™ and open a whole new universe of speed and possibility. Whether making animated films, or breathtaking pieces of digital art and design, Omniverse running on Studio laptops is the ultimate way to accelerate your creative workflows.



Put the AI in Painting

Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images with the NVIDIA Canvas app. Create backgrounds quickly, or speed up your concept exploration so you can spend more time visualizing ideas. With Canvas’ AI on your project team, the creative possibilities are endless.


NVIDIA Broadcast

Go Big and Go Live

The NVIDIA Broadcast app transforms your space into a home studio, upgrading webcams, microphones, and speakers into premium devices using the power of AI. Take your live streams, voice chats, and video conference calls to the next level with audio and video effects like noise removal, virtual background, and more.