This year has tested our courage and strength as we faced new changes as individuals and as a community. But still, we found new ways to connect with our loved ones and continued living through technology – and EasyPC is honored to have been part of your journey through tech.

So, to cap off our 11th year, we want to thank you all by playing Santa for the holidays with our 

EasyPC 12 Days of Christmas!

12 Days, 12 Lucky Winners

Get the chance to win some awesome prizes ranging from small upgrades to a new device!
For 12 days spread across December, we’ll be posting 12 different I SPY activities – simply find the hidden items in the image, post your answer in the comments, and earn an entry for that day’s raffle! 

At the end of our 12 Days of Christmas event, we’ll be raffling off the items to those who joined in each day’s activity. Make sure to check our calendar and enter on the days with the prizes you want to win!


How To Join

How to Play

  • Find the items hidden in the image. Check the caption to see how many you need to find!
  • Once you’ve found them, mark or encircle them using your device.
  • Post your photo answer in the comments section. Easy!

Calendar of Games